Course description

Swimming 500 m (orange color)

Joint start from a floating dock, around two buoys by holding to the right of the buoys, before exiting the water on a boat ramp. Sheltered sea area, but some waves must be expected.


Cycling 25 km (red color)

From the transition area at Smøla Havfiskesenter to Veiholmen where you turn in the roundabout on Hotranklakken (Været) and return the same way.


Running 5 km (blue color)

The first 400 m of the running track goes in the terrain from the transition area and up to the main road. You follow the main road for 1.6 km before you turn left onto a gravel road to Øien farm. The gravel road takes you in a circle back to the main road again and you run back to Smøla Havfiskesenter.


Race info

Smøla triathlon



Access and parking

To get to Smøla you must either take a ferry or a speedboat. If you plan to travel to Smøla the same day as the race, you must take the ferry at 09.45 am from Sandvika to Edøy (subject to change). It takes approximately 30 minutes to drive from Edøya to Smøla Havfiskesenter and you will be there about 10.35 am. For those who visit Smøla for the first time, or have never participated in a triathlon before, we recommend taking the ferry which runs 08.45 am from Sandvika.


There are limited parking spaces at Smøla Havfiskesenter, and these will be reserved for participants. In order to ensure the safety of the participants, the shift zone area will be blocked with fences at 10.45 am. It is therefore not allowed to park at Smøla Havfiskesenter after this time and the road from Mekonomen (by the gas station) and down to the starting area will be blocked for cars.


Check-in and start-up procedure

Registration and distribution of participant bags in the tent at the transition area.


The participant bag contains:

Swim cap

Start number

Start number belt


Food voucher

Timing chip


NOTE! All participants are responsible for their timing chip. Pieces must be delivered immediately afterwards. If you bring the piece home with you, or choose not to start, the chip must be returned within three days to this address:

RaceTracker AS

Øvre Lundenvei 12

3215 Sandefjord

Chips that are not returned will be billed to the relevant performer Nkr 500,-.


Transition area

The participants are allocated a place in the transition area (marked with start number). There will be plastic boxes in which the participants can keep their equipment. The transition area is reserved for participants.


Info meeting

Info meeting at 10:45 am is mandatory for all participants and is held in the conference hall over the Breiflabben pub.


Rules and safety

Smøla triathlon is a private event and is not organized through the Norwegian Triathlon Association. Therefore, insurance for the participants is not included. However, we will try to follow the guidelines of the association as far as possible. Safety will of course be of first priority, but participation is at your own risk. The Red Cross and ambulances will be in place, as well as safety boats in the swimming trail and guards in the cycling and running tracks.


Food and beverage

Drinking station in the transition area just before the finish line. Lunch is included in the entry fee. It will be in the restaurant from 13.00 - 15.00, so you can supply yourself as you get to the finish - remember your food voucher. The food can be enjoyed both inside and outside.



Timing chips will be distributed to all participants. The chip has to be attached on the ankle and will stay on during the entire race. The chip records intermediate times and live times out in the trail, so that the audience gets updates from how the race is going. The chip is the participant´s responsibility and must be returned after finishing the race.


Preparation before start

Be sure to have all equipment ready in the transition area before starting. Place your equipment at your designated area so it does not interfere with other participants. This also applies when you change equipment in both transitions. Note that the transition area has one entry and one exit - ie moving only one direction in the transition area. It is not allowed to leave your area in the transition area the same direction as you came.


Shower/toilet/changing rooms

There are toilet facilities in the area, but limited changing room facilities. It is possible to use showers and changing rooms in Smølahallen at Hopen after the race.



All participants are given a swim cap to wear. Your own swim cap / neoprene cap can be used underneath it. It is recommended to swim wearing a wetsuit. It keeps you warm and gives you extra buoyancy. Expected sea temperature is 13 - 17 ° C. At sea temperature below 15 ° C it is mandatory to use a wetsuit. Avoid hitting or kicking other swimmers.


Joint start from floating dock . Stay in place on floating dock no later than five minutes before start, jump into the water and hold one hand in floating dock no later than 10 seconds before start signal.


During swimming, there will be safety boats and kayaks nearby for safety reasons. If you have any problems, lie down on your back and raise your arm. The crew will then come to you.


If there is a lot of wind on the competition day, the swim distance will be shorter.


Transition area - from swimming to cycling

It is not allowed to cycle in the transition area, as this can create dangerous situations. Roll the bike to the designated area for boarding (just before the finishing line). It is not allowed to receive any help other than that provided by the organizer.



Participants are free to choose any type of bike. It should be in good condition with front and rear brakes. Approved bicycle helmet is mandatory throughout the bike race. Drafting (lying on wheels) is not allowed in triathlon. This means that you should not be closer to other cyclists than ten meters in length or two meters in width, and do not spend more than 30 seconds on a bypass. The one who is bypassed is responsible to ensure that there is again the correct distance to the rider in front. The bike path has normal traffic and the participants must follow the traffic rules. The trail will be well marked with signs/ chalk and have guards at intersections with folding duty. An escort car will drive in front of the first cyclist.


Transition area - from cycling to running

Get off the bike at the designated area for disembarkation (at the finish line) and roll the bike to your area. The helmet should not be removed before entering the transition area. There will be volunteers in the transition area, but make sure you put your bike on the bike stand. It is not allowed to receive any help other than that provided by the organizer.



When you have put on your running shoes, you can choose whether you want to run or walk the last 5 km before the finish line. Parts of the trail run along the main road, so be sure to follow the traffic rules.


Company teams

Challenge your employees or colleagues to compete against other companies in the triathlon relay! This is a team competition for three people in which each team consists of a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner. The triathlon relay is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the unity and well-being in the workplace and at the same time having fun while getting familiar with this kind of competition. Awaken your competition instinct and join in making a party! All participants receive a medal and the winning team gets a great trophy.


Registration is done as a team and you can change participants with no extra charge until the day of the meeting. Starting time, program, rules and implementation for the team competition are otherwise the same as for individual classes.


Relay exchanges

The exchanges take place in the designated transition area area according to start number. Exchanges elsewhere will result in disqualification of the team. The timing chip is the relay baton, and should be attached to the right ankle. After finishing the leg, the chip is handed over to the next person who attaches it to his/her ankle. The cyclist must also hand over his/her start number to the runner.


After the start signal, the cyclist is not allowed to leave the transition area before exchanging with the swimmer. Likewise, the runner is not allowed to leave the transition area before exchanging with the cyclist.




10:00 - 10:30 am: Registration and distribution of participant bags

10:45 am: Info meeting

11:15 - 11:45 am: Preparations before start

12:00 pm: Start Smøla Triathlon - both individual and teams

1:00-3:00 pm: Lunch for participants and volunteers in the restaurant

2:15 pm: Prize ceremony

7:30 pm: Dinner for participants and volunteers at Smøla Havfiskesenter.


Tips and tricks

Transition area:

Organize your equipment and make everything ready so that you spend the least amount of time in the transition area.



Wear the clothes that you plan to wear while cycling under the wet suit. The start number is attached to the competition belt. Use vaseline or similar ointment on wrists, ankles, shoulders and neck to avoid blisters. You can save energy by keeping a close distance behind another swimmer who keeps your pace. Avoid hitting or kicking the others. It is advisable to start unzipping your wetsuit as soon as you exit the water in order to save time in the transition area.



Make sure the bike is properly fitted, fill air in the tires and make sure the bike is in good condition.



The transition from cycling to running is perhaps the heaviest part of the race, and it can be worthwhile to train in advance. Be sure to get enough fluid and energy (eg energy bar / chocolate / gel) on the bike tab and at the change zone before you start running. Many people use fasteners on the shoelaces to save time in the transition area.