The starting point is at Haugjegla lighthouse, and the first run leg goes along a walled path to the quay by the lighthouse. From here, there are four swim legs and three short run legs over rocks before reaching Olsennaustet on Veiholmen.


From Veiholmen to a few kilometers before the finish line, the trail runs along the west side of or on the main road. The trail has a total of about 6km running on asphalt, the rest runs along paths on marshy rocks. The terrain is relatively flat, with the Verjeskifte bridge as the steepest slope in the trail. The swim legs are shielded from waves and currents, even if there is a lot of wind.


The final swim leg goes from Skjøttøya to Hopen Brygge, and from here there are 900 meters along the new walkway before reaching the finish line outside the shopping center at Hopen.

Race info

Smøla swimrun



Attendance and registration

Attendance and registration at Smølahallen at Hopen. There are good parking facilities and the participants can use changing rooms and showers in Smølahallen. The information meeting will also be here. The participants will be transported by bus to Veiholmen and further by boat out to Haugjegla lighthouse. All participants must be ready to start as they enter the bus, as the boat launch starts immediately after arrival at Veiholmen. It is planned for the shortest possible stay outside the lighthouse before start, especially if the weather is bad (earlier start must therefore be expected). Personal belongings can be kept in lockers at Smølahallen during the race.

Upon registration, each team receives a bag containing:

-Start number vests

-Swim caps

-Timing chip

Food and beverage

There will be drinking stations along the trail. During the race, participants must take care of themselves (gels/energy bars). After finishing, it will be possible to buy food at Smølasenteret.



12:15 pm: Attendance at Smølahallen at Hopen

12:15-12:45 pm: Info meeting and registration

12:45-1:10 pm: Pre-start preparation (changing rooms in Smølahallen)

1:10 pm: Departure by bus from Hopen - ready for start, wearing wetsuit and other equipment

1:30 pm: Boat from Veiholmen to Haugjegla lighthouse

2:00 pm: Start

5:00 pm: Prize ceremony


The trail will be well marked and there will be crew at every swim leg, and at exposed places along the trail. The swim legs are marked with flags when descending and ascending. The run legs are marked with arrows and markers.


Rules and implementation

Each competitor participates at her/his own risk and is obligated to know and comply with the competition rules. By registering and starting the competition, the participants agree to abide by the rules. The trail is subject to change in case of bad weather.



The competition is performed in pairs (for safety reasons with a maximum of 10 meters between the two team members through the competition).

All participants must be 16 years.

Competitors participate in the competition at their own risk. The organizer cannot be held responsible for any incidents / accidents during the race or in connection with the competition.

The team members are responsible for each other's safety.



Each team must go through the marked track from start to finish, and pass all "checkpoints" in the race.

It is not allowed to receive help from anyone else than the organizer during the race.

The team must stay together through the competition, under no circumstances should members of the team be more than 10 meters apart, either on land or in the water. The team must pass each checkpoint together, a maximum of ten meters between.

Participants must not dive with their heads before they enter the water, when going from running to swimming.

The teams are responsible for their own garbage, this cannot be left in the nature. Littering results in disqualification.

Each team must do its best to assist other participants who have been injured, are ill or are in urgent need of help.

If one of the team members leaves the race, the "teammate" will also be out of the race. In other words, no one runs or swims alone.

Participants who leave the race must report this as soon as possible to the nearest volunteer.

The time is measured from start to the last of the two participants crosses the finish line.



The participants have to carry their equipment from start to finish. Deviations from this result in disqualification.

Equipment inspection can be done before and after the race.


Mandatory equipment

Wetsuit (should be suitable to stay in water temperatures down to 12 degrees).


First aid kit


The start vest must be worn during the entire competition. The swim cap should be worn during all swim legs.

The timing chip is attached to the ankle and each participant is responsible for delivering the chip after finishing. Lost pieces must be replaced.


Equipment that is not allowed

Floating aid bigger than 50 cm x 50 cm

Flippers longer than 15 cm, measured from the toe tip of the shoe.


Other equipment allowed

Paddles, flippers, jellyfish cream, elastic line (to tie the couple together), goggles, plastic water bottle