Smøla swimrun 

Start Haugjegla lighthouse

2020 august 6 2:00 pm

Atlanterhavsuka (the Atlantic week) has the pleasure of inviting you to an extraordinary experience! The road that runs from the main island of Smøla and ends at the fishing village of Veiholmen is the perfect route for swimrun. 


With its dramatic location, at the far end of the ocean, Haugjegla lighthouse creates a spectacular starting point. From there, the participants will find their way through the most magnificent natural areas on Smøla- in waters well protected from waves and currents, over rocky outcrops, through fishing villages and marshy islands, before crossing the finish line at Smølasenteret on Hopen. 


All you need for participating is a wetsuit, a pair of sneakers and a partner. Swimrun is performed in pairs (women's, men's and mixed teams), and the team will do approximately 13 km running and 2 km swimming in 19 legs. This corresponds to sprint distances and is therefore excellent for those who want to try swimrun for the first time.

What is swimrun?

In swimrun you compete in pairs and you swim and run alternately in several laps. Wetsuit, whistle and a basic first aid kit are mandatory equipment. As long as you cross the finish line with the equipment that you started with, you are relatively free to carry with you anything. You run and swim with shoes, and many people use floats (pull buoy) between their legs and paddles on their hands when swimming. Tied together with a rope allows the team members to help each other pull both during swimming and running, and at the same time ensuring that the distance between the partners is not too long.