Course description

Start and finish at Smøla Havfiskesenter. First it paddles to Hopen Brygge, under a pedestrian bridge before the paddlers will pass the first checkpoint in a narrow channel.


Checkpoint two is at Hammarøya after the bridge to Veiholmen has passed.


Once you reach the fishing village Veiholmen, checkpoints 3 and 4 will be passed.


At checkpoint 4 there is a food and drink station.


Checkpoint 5 is between Haugøya and Kattholmen.

Race info 

Smøla paddle marathon


The start will be at Smøla Havfiskesenter or Råket marina. The decision will be taken no later than the day before the race. This will be announced on Facebook/paddle marathon or Facebook/atlantic ocean. 


Getting there

To get to Smøla you must either take a ferry or a speedboat. If you plan to travel to Smøla on the same day, you must take the ferry at 10.45 am from Sandvika to Edøy. It is a 30 minutes drive from Edøy to Smøla Havfiskesenter. You will then be there about 11.35 am.


There are limited parking spaces at the starting area, and these will be reserved for participants. A designated area will be reserved for storing kayaks from 11:00 am. It is therefore not allowed to park at Smøla Havfiskesenter after this.

Check-in and start-up procedure

Registration and distribution of participant bags in the starting area.


The participant bag contains:

Start number upper body

Start number kayak


Food voucher

GPS tracker



NOTE! The GPS tracker is the participant´s responsibility. This should be delivered immediately after finishing. If by accident you bring a tracker home, you must return it ASAP and within three days to:

RaceTracker AS, Øvre Lundenvei 12, 3215 Sandefjord. Trackers that are not returned will be billed to the relevant participant Nkr 500,-.

The kayak zone

Participants are allocated an area in the kayak zone (marked with start number). It is possible to change in the kayak zone. We recommend that you bring your extra clothes in the kayak. 


Info meeting

Info meeting at 12.45 pm is mandatory for all participants and is held in the start area.


Rules and safety

Smøla Padlemaraton is a private event and is not arranged through the Norwegian Paddle Association. Therefore, insurance for the participants is not included. Safety will of course be our first priority, but participation is at your own risk. The Red Cross and ambulances will be there, as well as safety boats in the track. They will be marked with orange flags.


Food and beverage

The buffet is included in the entry fee. It will open for self service in the restaurant from 4:00 pm -7:00 pm. Remember your food voucher. The food can be enjoyed both inside and outside. There is a drinking station at Hopen Brygge.


Preparation before start

Place your kayak at your designated area so that it does not interfere with other participants. Attach the start number, with the strip supplied, at the back of the kayak. Volunteers help you if you need help. The kayaks are placed on the water between 1.30 pm -1.50 pm. 


Shower/toilet/changing rooms

There are toilet facilities at the start and finish area, but limited changing rooms facilities. After the race it is possible to use showers and changing rooms in Smølahallen at Hopen.


Start and finish at Smøla Havfiskesenter.

12:00 pm: Registration and delivery of participant bags

12.45 pm: Info meeting

1:15 pm: Preparation before start

2:00 pm: Start half marathon

4:00 pm: Lunch/dinner buffet for participants and staff in the restaurant (until 7:00 pm)

5:00 pm: Prize ceremony


Self rescue and equipment

The sea temperature in August is between 13-17 degrees. With wind, waves and worn-out bodies, safety is extremely important. One cannot stay long in the water. If you need assistance from a safety boat, press the red button on the tracker.



Participants can freely choose the route themselves, but must pass the checkpoints. It is not allowed to carry the kayak over the road/land. Only allowed to pull the kayak where there is water. A good tip is to have food / drinks readily available. There may be waves on the sea.



Challenge your employees or colleagues to compete with other companies in the paddle marathon relay! This is a team competition for two people. Exchange at Hopen Brygge. The paddle marathon relay is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the unity and well-being in the workplace while having fun and getting familiar with this kind of competition. Awaken your competition instinct and join in making a party! All participants receive a medal and the winning team gets a great trophy.


Registration is done as a team and you can change participants with no extra charge until the day of the meeting. Start time, program, rules and implementation for the team competition are otherwise the same as for the individual classes.


Relay exchange

The exchange takes place at the floating dock at Veiholmen. The team is free to choose whether to use the same kayak or change kayak. Exchanging elsewhere will result in disqualification of the team. It is the GPS tracker that is the relay baton. After the leg, it is handed over to the next person. The paddler must also hand over the start number to the next paddler.



NB! The registration fee does not cover accident or loss / damage to assets. Participation in another person's name is not allowed.



In case of cancellation of Smøla padlemaraton before the event day, the organizer can keep 50 percent of the entry fee to cover expenses. In case of cancellation during the event day due to sudden weather / climatic conditions, no amount of the entry fee will be refunded. All registration is binding. No part of the entry fee will be refunded even if the enrolled for various reasons (illness etc.) cannot participate.